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  • Cell Phones In Red Deer Help Keep Life Simple

    Cell phones in Red Deer are readily available. There are so many different types out on the market now. Most stores will not sell cell phones without internet now. Most people find having the internet readily available helpful and beneficial in their day to day activities. Most phones have a touch screen now. There are […]

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  • Expanded IT Services And Security In Technology

    As virtualization, growing Internet access capacity and other technological advances continue to change the computer technology world at neck breaking speed, the availability of new services has made business opportunities explode. In the 1990′s, personal computers were barely becoming a known and used part of life with most computers being considered word processors outside of […]

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  • Using A Local Print Shop

    If you are in need of professional quality prints, but your home printer cannot produce the quality or the quantity of prints that you need, then you may find it more convenient and easier to use a professional print shop for your printing in Edmonton. Using a local print shop will allow you to print […]

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  • Working With A Professional Company To Help With Our Computers

    When I started thinking about different weaknesses that our business had, I realized that one of the major ones were different computer problems. It was really frustrating to constantly go through and try to figure out what to do about different situations, and it was hard to find time to fix the myriad of things […]

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  • Make Sure And Recycle Your Battery In Lethbridge

    If you’ve ever opened the hood of your car and taken a look at an old battery, you may have seen some of the fluid from the battery leaking out through the top. When you see how that fluid looks, you get an idea of how batteries can harm the environment. There are several different […]

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The Greatness of Radio

In the early 20th century, the radio was the largest form of public communication and entertainment. In one place, you could listen to the president and then hear the next saga of Little Orphan Annie.

The 8-Track’s Short Life

In the 1970s, the 8-track was going to be the next best thing to sliced bread. Marketing pushed the 8-track to be better than record players, but it fell flat and fizzled in less than a decade.

The Compact Disc

The compact disc popularity soared in the mid-1990s, but the ’80s were the first to see it. With the distraction of cassette tapes, CDs waited their turn for 10 to 12 years after invention.